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Macroeconomics is a field of economic sciences. Unlike microeconomics, macroeconomics working with aggregates, investigates the behavior of the economy in general, such as total income or workforce employment, inflation or cyclical fluctuations. Macroeconomics trying to find explanations for these oscillations … Read More

Drama of a city in Romania – The Romanian government no longer pays his employees

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While heavy water plant employees protest in front of the RAAN headquarters despairing that they have not received wages for months for their work, and asks themselves worried how their children will warm during the winter approaching, while other large … Read More


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Economics (from the Greek οίκος [oikos], ‘home’ and νομος [nomos], ‘leadership’) is a social science that studies the production and sale, trade and consumption of goods and services. According to the definition given by Lionel Robbins in 1932, the economics … Read More

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