Retold Fairy Tales (Poveşti repovestite)
Retold Fairy Tales (Poveşti repovestite)

Bilingual English/Romanian Book (Carte bilingvă engleză/română) Hans Christian Andersen Translated by (Traducere de): Nicolae Sfetcu First edition (Prima ediție) An exciting new compilation of five of the most famous fairy tales and stories by Hans Christian Andersen, that have inspired … Read More

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Blue Stories
Blue Stories

Humorous and sad stories, or in search of the ancient mysteries of the Order of the Dragon; of the village’s life or the average man from the city. More or less based on real facts, but all true.   Summary … Read More

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Candide – The best of all possible worlds

Translated and illustrated by Nicolae Sfetcu. A philosophical tale, a story of a journey that will transform the eponymous hero into a philosopher. An important debate on fatalism and the existence of Evil. For a long time Voltaire has been … Read More

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The Mystery of the Golden Stars (Le mystère des étoiles d'or)
The Mystery of the Golden Stars (Le mystère des étoiles d’or)

An adventure in the European Union (Une aventure dans l’Union européenne) Bilingual English/French Edition (Édition bilingue anglais/française) This book invites you to tour Brussels, the city that hosts the European Union’s headquarters, discovering what the European Union is, how it … Read More

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Physics is the science that tries to understand, model, and explain the natural phenomena of the universe. It corresponds to the study of the world which surrounds us in all its forms, laws of its variation and evolution. System modeling … Read More







Louvre Museum

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City: Paris Address: 99, rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris Coordinates: 48°51’40” north, 2°20’09” east Date of opening: August 10, 1793 Collections: Oriental Antiquities, Egyptian Antiquities, Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities of the Louvre, Islamic Art, Sculptures, Objets d’art, Paintings, Graphic … Read More

How much does Facebook lie to us?
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In the image you have a screenshot with Facebook notifications. Immediately after notifying that a page has five new likes, Facebook sends a new notice stating that that page didn’t get any new like this week, recommending to publish a … Read More

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I try to surprise the sunrise on the blue lake; the clouds hide it… (25.07.2017)

Romania left out by the EU member states
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A passenger civilian plane with Russian Deputy President Dimitri Rogozin was banned from entering the Romanian airspace. In accordance with a European Union decision, Rogozin is banned from entering the EU. He was to join, together with other Russian officials, … Read More

What about English as EU official language, after Brexit?
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Many agencies and institutes of European Union (in fact, all of them) use the English as the main official EU language. But, after the UK decision to leave European Union, there will be no other country with English as main … Read More