The nuns

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Two nuns came out of the monastery to sell cakes. One was Sister Mathematics (M), and the other Sister Logic (L). M: It is nearing the night and we are still far from the monastery. L: Sister, did you realize … Read More


Bucharest City Hall

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(Bucharest City Hall near the Dâmbovița River, (Coat of arms) Type: Local government authority Governance: Mayor General, General Council Headquarters: Splaiul Independenţei no. 291-293, Sector 6, Bucharest Website: Bucharest City Hall is the functional structure with permanent activity … Read More

We highly recommend Mr. Nicolae Sfetcu, MultiMedia SRL, as a translator from English into Romanian. Mr. Nicolae Sfetcu translated technical articles and documentation for our company, more than 200,000 words in 2014, from English into Romanian. Mr. Nicolae Sfetcu has proven himself to be not only a skilled translator, but also a wise and ethical partner in general. Mr. Nicolae Sfetcu is more than capable as translator, and has done nothing but better her work environment while we’ve cooperate with him. We are greatly pleased to recommend such an impressive and qualified translator.

Vali Borcos - Manager, Boston VF SRL, Timișoara, Romania

It’s perfect the cover designed by you! I love her! The book is very nicely edited. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Ștefania-Ionela Cobzaru - Writer, Bucharest

I was helped by MultiMedia SRL to publish several books (such as “Fascination of the mysteries,” “The hope of immortality”, etc.) – by editing, cover design, distribution in virtual bookstores, and I can not fail to notice the professionalism, promptness and kindness I was honored and for which I am particularly grateful. Of course I’ll continue to work with this company …

Constantin M. N. Borcia - Writer, Physicist, Doctor of Chemistry, Bucharest, Romania

What about English as EU official language, after Brexit?
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Many agencies and institutes of European Union (in fact, all of them) use the English as the main official EU language. But, after the UK decision to leave European Union, there will be no other country with English as main … Read More

The social dynamic of blogosphere
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A blogosphere is a set of blogs or all of its editors. The phrase blogosphere thus refers to all of the blogs. It is a subset of the World Wide Web. The term blogosphere can be qualified: one can thus … Read More

The Last Supper
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Barack Obama’s last meeting with European leaders, Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Mariano Rajoy, Matteo Renzi and Francois Hollande. Uncertainties and fears regarding the future of NATO. Obama recalled the warnings to Donald Trump on the importance of NATO, “the cornerstone … Read More

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Film is actually a term that encompasses motion images as individual projects, at the same time as – in metonymy – the field in general. The origin with the name comes in the reality that photographic film (also referred to … Read More