Editing and Publishing e-Books
Editing and Publishing e-Books

You wrote a book. Very nice. But you didn’t write to keep it for you. You should publish it. The problem is that the publishers charge high prices for some authors pockets, and do it objectively, due to the high … Read More

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Bucharest Tourist Guide (Ghid turistic București) – Pocket Edition (Ediția de buzunar)
Bucharest Tourist Guide (Ghid turistic București) – Pocket Edition (Ediția de buzunar)

Bilingual English/Romanian Guide (Ghid bilingv engleză/română) Bucharest offers some excellent attractions, and during the recent years has cultivated a sophisticated, trendy, and modern sensibility that many have come to expect from a European capital. Perhaps the most prominent landmark is … Read More

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Poetry Kaleidoscope
Poetry Kaleidoscope

Introduction in poetry: nature of poetry, tools, history, terms (periods, styles and movements, technical means, tropes, measures of verse, verse forms, national poetry… Poetry is traditionally a written art form (although there is also an ancient and modern poetry which … Read More

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Fish & Fishing
Fish & Fishing

A detailed guide of everything you want and need to know about fish. A fish is a water-dwelling vertebrate with gills that doesn”t change form, as amphibians do, during its life. Most are cold-blooded, though some (such as some species … Read More

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Evaluation of post-Einsteinian gravitational theories through parameterized post-Newtonian formalism

Proliferation of post-Einsteinian gravitational theories Right after the elaboration and success of general relativity (GR), alternative theories for gravity began to appear, which can fall into four broad categories: [1] Bifurcated theories (with the Lakatosian[2] hard core identical or very … Read More





Big Data Ethics

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Ethical issues Big Data ethics involves adherence to the concepts of right and wrong behavior regarding data, especially personal data. Big Data ethics focuses on structured or unstructured data collectors and disseminators. Big Data ethics is supported, at EU level, … Read More



Digital Assembly 2019 – Bucharest, Romania, June 13-14


The Digital Assembly 2019 is a forum for stakeholders to take stock of the achievements of the Digital Single Market Strategy, draw lessons and to exchange views on the contours of a future digital policy. The event is also a … Read More

Banned media access to events organized by the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council


I applied online for accreditation, and I received confirmation as a journalist. The press facilities offered at the events organized by the Romanian Presidium of the EU Council are listed on the website: 250 work spaces with broadband, phone and … Read More

Newton’s action at a distance – Different views


Different authors have attempted to clarify the aspects of remote action and God’s involvement on the basis of textual investigations, mainly from the Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, (Newton, 1999b) Newton’s correspondence with Richard Bentley (1692/93), (Bentley 1693) and Queries … Read More

A debate on Events and Particulars


This article, perhaps more than others, is rather an exercise of linguistic logics. Roderick Chisholm, in “The Logical Form of Action Sentences, criticized an earlier article of Davidson, “The Logical Form of Action Sentences,” proposing a different theory. Davidson analyzes … Read More