Les mémoires d'un Pierrot (Memories of a Sparrow)
Les mémoires d’un Pierrot (Memories of a Sparrow)

Livre bilingue anglais/français (Bilingual English/French Book), par (by) Henri de la Blanchère, traduit par (translated by) Nicolae Sfetcu « Je suis né dans le Jardin d’acclimatation du bois de Boulogne. Ma mère avait fait choix, pour établir son nid, du … Read More

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A Gambling Guide
A Gambling Guide

Gambling as a betting action – wagering money or something of material value on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of winning additional money or material goods. A guide about what is gambling (with a special … Read More

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Fables et légendes du Japon (Fables and Legends from Japan) – Livre bilingue français/anglais (Bilingual French/English Book)
Fables et légendes du Japon (Fables and Legends from Japan) – Livre bilingue français/anglais (Bilingual French/English Book)

Traducteur et éditeur (Translator and editor): Nicolae Sfetcu Le livre comprend une collection de légendes et de fables japonaise recueillies par le missionnaire Claude Ferrand au Japon. La mythologie japonaise embrasse les traditions shintoïstes et bouddhistes ainsi que la religion … Read More

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Louvre Museum - Paintings
Louvre Museum – Paintings

The Louvre Museum is the largest of the world’s art museums by its exhibition surface. These represent the Western art of the Middle Ages in 1848, those of the ancient civilizations that preceded and influenced it (Oriental, Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan … Read More

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Digital Assembly 2019 – Bucharest, Romania, June 13-14


The Digital Assembly 2019 is a forum for stakeholders to take stock of the achievements of the Digital Single Market Strategy, draw lessons and to exchange views on the contours of a future digital policy. The event is also a … Read More

Banned media access to events organized by the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council


I applied online for accreditation, and I received confirmation as a journalist. The press facilities offered at the events organized by the Romanian Presidium of the EU Council are listed on the website: 250 work spaces with broadband, phone and … Read More

Newton’s action at a distance – Different views


Different authors have attempted to clarify the aspects of remote action and God’s involvement on the basis of textual investigations, mainly from the Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, (Newton, 1999b) Newton’s correspondence with Richard Bentley (1692/93), (Bentley 1693) and Queries … Read More

A debate on Events and Particulars


This article, perhaps more than others, is rather an exercise of linguistic logics. Roderick Chisholm, in “The Logical Form of Action Sentences, criticized an earlier article of Davidson, “The Logical Form of Action Sentences,” proposing a different theory. Davidson analyzes … Read More