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About Baccarat

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Baccarat is a card game that is played with a banker and players called pundits. It is mostly found in casinos. It looks like the railroad.

He had already played in the nineteenth century.

This game has become famous by the film Dr No, the first film with James Bond where he plays this game against Sylvia Trench. It is found also starred in For Your Eyes Only during the scene at Achillion, or in GoldenEye in MonteCarlo Casino. Finally, in the Ian Fleming novel, Casino Royale, where Bond confronts his enemy, Le Chiffre at baccarat.


Card values: All cards from Ace (which is 1) to 9 have their face value. Others (10, Jack, Queen, King) are the “logs” and are zero value. The value of a game is obtained by adding, retaining only the digit. Example: a 2 and a 4 give a total of 6; a 4 and a 9 give a total of 3 (it retains only the units of 13).

Players are arranged in two “tablesand can bet on either one, the other or both “tables” at the same time. Banker plays against the two “tables” and takes a third card based on a drawing table.

This type of Baccara is called Baccarat Banque. There are variants such as Chemin de fer or Punto Banco.

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