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About Internet Marketing

btsch078With tens of millions of users worldwide and a big growth rate in the number of users per month, marketing on the Internet is much easier than the traditional methods. If you consider that a typical marketing campaign results in a response rate of at least 2%, theoretically gives a number of answers on the Internet a few thousand at least.

Increasingly more companies – in all sectors – are beginning to realize the enormous potential of the new electronic medium, the Internet. To gain access to a worldwide audience – and potential customers – major television networks offer prices in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for commercials of 30 seconds to reach such an audience. Just giants like IBM, Coca Cola and Ford could afford million dollar advertising campaigns. But through the Internet, any company can ensure the continued existence, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at incomparably lower prices. In addition to this permanent presence, the company provides service support and continuous information quickly and effectively to customers.

Marketing or advertising?

There is an essential difference between marketing and advertising concepts. There is no free Internet advertising. True, many sites (especially the popular search engines) sell space on their pages to display small business ads. But they can not compare with commercials on TV or radio. In fact, the original Internet ethics rule even condemns the use of commercial messages. The primary purpose of the Internet is information sharing. This is the main objective of Internet users … and this is how you will attract future clients. This exchange of information involves the following mechanism:

  1. User needs, which seek to inform themselves on the Internet, the same way as looking for a TV program appropriate to their needs of the moment, looking from channel to channel to find a particular issue which hold attention;

  2. Your desire to be found, assuming a certain specific strategy;

  3. Offer your products, services and information that must match user needs, to turn them into customers.

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