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Accepting online payment

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Merchant account

Merchant account is a term that refers to a banking relationship that allows a company to accept credit cards. It is true that most companies already have such accounts and certainly need the possibility of accepting orders on credit cards, but there are small companies that do not have yet such banking relationships. This is the first step to be made. There are many consultants who advertise on the Internet and who provides such services for early-stage companies. You may need to buy software and hardware products depending on the complexity of transactions that you want to execute.

To accept orders via credit cards, you need a “secure server”, as security on the web is an issue that arouses concern. Much of this concern is caused by lack of information and the Internet continues to be a safe environment for commercial transactions. It is important to make sure that you follow existing conventions regarding Internet security, which involves using a “secure server” for transactions through credit cards.

Order form

Looks pretty simple, but can be a software issue rather complicated. You must manage to present all the products, prices and variants (sizes, colors, etc). Before requesting credit card information to you automatically have to get the order value, to add shipping costs and sales tax (where applicable), depending on the customer’s address. The achievement of such performance involves more than some knowledge of HTML. You can buy software for such operations that try to integrate them into your page, or you can outsource this service outside the organization.

Online authorization

Also should be considered credit card authorization option when your client is connected. It is possible that this feature is absolutely necessary if you provide information or allow download the purchased software on your page if you really going to send the product might permit it to prove to be very useful. Unfortunately, the design for the possibility of allowing online is extremely complicated, so often the best solution is subcontracting.

Order tracking

You need an entire system to track orders. This may involve the announcement by e-mail, electronic receipts, online reports, database tracking,  on-line internal search capabilities, etc. It’s easy to overdo it in the purchase of such systems, and to spend a lot of money to integrate functions online orders with existing ones. We prefer to suggest that, at least initially, firms avoid highly sophisticated pages for online payment.

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