The challenge of philosophy

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 (The philosopher, by Rembrandt.) The challenge of philosophy is considerable because it deals with central questions, such as, for example, the meaning of life, the possible history of the soul after death, the possible and desirable political organization, the place … Read More

Philosophy for Plato

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Etymologically, the word philosophy derives from the ancient Greek φιλοσοφία, composed of φιλεῖν, “loving” and σοφία, “wisdom, knowledge”, that is to say literally: love of wisdom or love of knowledge. It should be noted that the word φιλοσοφία is effectively … Read More

A New Life (9)

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It was well lit outside. And the neighbors’ dog barked incessantly. He put his head under his pillow, trying to sleep a little longer. In his semi-dream of dawn, he relived a little more attenuated the last night with his … Read More

A New Life (8)

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It had been a week since that memorable poker game that lasted about 48 hours, and Dan had not yet met Helen to see her reaction after what was happening that day. The baccalaureate was approaching, and they were allowed … Read More

Louvre collections: Eastern antiquities and arts of Islam

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 (Coffer, Fez, XIVth,ès_14_ème_siècle._Louvre_Paris.jpg) Louvre Museum includes various rich collections of works of art from different civilizations, cultures and eras. It includes about 460,000 pieces, without the deposits in other museums that remain on its inventories, and 554,498 with deposits, … Read More

Contemporary art

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Contemporary art (from postmodernism to the present) is considered to be the successor of modern art (a period between impressionism and postmodernism). The delimitation is mobile and can take into account radicalization points of plastic language; cubism and later abstract … Read More

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