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Budgerigars and Cockatiel
Budgerigars and Cockatiel

Aviculture is the activity of maintaining and frequently breeding pet birds, usually companion parrots, and also the culture that forms about it. Aviculture is usually focused not only around the raising and breeding of birds, but additionally on preserving avian habitat, and public awareness campaigns.

You will find numerous factors that individuals get involved in aviculture. Some individuals breed birds to preserve a species, some breed parrots as companion birds, and a few breed birds to create a profit.

The truest which means of aviculture is the fact that described by Dr. Jean Delacour, probably the most influential person aviculture has ever seen.

Aviculture is also the worldwide hobby of maintaining and breeding many species of wild birds in captivity to preserve their numerical status in nature having a view of forestalling their extinction by supplying aviary raised stock.

You will find avicultural societies all through the globe, but usually in Europe and also the United states of america, exactly where individuals have a tendency to be much more prosperous and have much more leisure time for you to invest in such an costly and time-consuming hobby.

Like numerous hobbies, there are lots of publications catering to aviculture, books on species as pets, books on breeding, and introductory books for parrots and softbills. You will find also many periodicals, each generalized and particular to kinds of birds, even though they’re seldom much more particular than “parrot.” These periodicals include articles on breeding, care, companionship, selecting a bird, well being effects, and generally a number of on a person species or genus.

Materials translated and adapted by Nicolae Sfetcu from the Wikipedia under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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