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Baccarat chemin de fer

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Baccarat chemin de fer is a card game based on the same principles as baccarat. It is named after the iron box in which are placed the 6 decks of 52 cards and passes from one player to another, each then becoming banker. The highest point is 9, the lowest 0 (baccarat).

Card values ​​are as follows: for baccarat games and chemin de fer, the cards do not wear numbers on the corner; Figures and the ten are worth 0 and all other cards have their face value. To know the total of your cards, do take into account that the number of the unit (eg. 6 + 7 = 13, the point is 3).

The box, which flows in the direction of clockwise, is kept by the banker as the shot is not lost for him. It distributes two cards twice alternately for first the punters, then the bank. The punter looks at his cards and announces either “go bank” of 0-4 or “no” to 6 or 7. At 5, the player has the choice to hit or stay. At 8 or 9, he laid his cards and the game stops.

The particularity of this game is to always double down. When the banker wins her hand, he will leave it, which will be doubled within a “tax” or “size” of 5% taken by the casino. This is a game that allows players to have great freedom. They can join in one hand (the minimum bet is requested for the two partners), redeem a past hand (when the banker decides to stop betting and cash earnings) or playing without participating directly in the game.

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