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Bank manager, suicide for gambling

Robert Catalin Pascu, the manager of a Bancpost bank agency in Bucharest, Romania, tried to suicide a on January 4th, because he lost about $120,000 at several casinos (about $60,000 at the Marriott Hotel casino). He tried first to hang up but after he failed, he plunged from the 8th floor of an apartment house

Robert Catalin Pascu, 27 years old, was a pathological gambler. He was very well known in all the Bucharest casinos. Some time ago he pawned the house of his parents to have money for gambling.

Before trying to suicide, he sent a SMS to his girl friend, writing “See you in the other world!”. Than, he sent a SMS specifying the place where it can be found his dead body. His parents, together with his girl friend that warned them, started to search for him.

After some hours, their neighbors found Robert felt down after they heard a bang and than some groaning. He was not dead.

All $120,000 was stolen from Bankpost, and the cams registered him when he took the cash. He knew that he is registered and that his act will be quickly discovered, but it seems that it was a desperate act.

Catalin Robert Pascu was employed as director with the bank agency a month ago. He had very good references.

He entered the safe four times during the holidays, including during the New Year’s Eve, and he knew that on January 3rd, when the bank will be open, the theft of the money will be discovered.

Now, Robert is still in coma at the hospital, but he has good chances to survive

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