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Banner strategy

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Banners experts have established five major premises that those who use this type of advertising have to consider:

  • Despite more numerous contrary opinions, banner advertising can still be very profitable.
  • Opportunities to advertise through banners are everywhere but … beware of the big networks where the prices are too high!
  • Banner advertising offers tremendous growth opportunities.
  • It’s incredibly easy to learn to recognize which are ads that would bring profit to those who would record losses.
  • Banner advertising is profitable not only for big business!

Every dollar spent means 100 potential customers who see the banner ad! A highly targeted audience.

Successful banner are designed so that they DO NOT LOOK LIKE AN ADVERTISEMENT. Banners must appear as part of the site … so that, most times visitors clicked on them without realizing that they are advertising. Usually visitors easily recognize standard size banners by 468/60 px, bright colors, animation or flash effects. Often just ignore them because of this. After several months of research and testing, a study concluded that the advertisement that looks like …

  • radio buttons
  • selection boxes
  • text links
  • dropdown menu
  • “click here” buttons

or other similar dynamic sections of a site, get a much better response than the classic standard sized banners.

A natural presentation is key to success.

When you want to launch a banner advertising campaign, you have to focus more on specific individual sites, which have very well defined target audience, than to work with very large networks where the main disadvantage is that they have a heterogeneous public.

Negotiate the ads directly with the directors or managers of commercial sites that are interested, it is more profitable to work with them than through intermediaries.

Another important element is monitoring the effectiveness of the banner. For example, it is very easy to link banners to pages specifically designed to collect email addresses of visitors, rather than link them to the home page of the site.

And do not forget: Collecting email addresses from visitors, you earn a second chance to maximize the power of exposed banner.

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