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Bingo is a board game where the drawn numbers are announced one after the other. The players, on their sides, note on cards specially designed for this purpose. The first player to get a precise pattern on one of these cards is the winner. He then shouts “Bingo!” to indicate the presence of this pattern. This game allowing to win prizes against financial participation is regulated in countries where it is popular.

Specifically, the player has a grid on which are noted various numbers, all different, chosen by himself or by a machine. The numbers published at the exit of the ballot box are sets out aloud and each player scratched or not the figure it appears in its own grid. The first to have scratched all the numbers in the same row or the same column or the first to have crossed all its digits (depending on the variant) shouts “Bingo” to announce that it has won.

The buzzword bingo is a variant where it comes to check on a grid of words spoken at a conference or meeting, without the knowledge of the person who utters them.

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