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Cards speak

Pair_of_AcesWithin the game of poker, the term cards speak (“for themselves”) is applied in two contexts:

1. Initially, it’s made use of to describe a High-low split game with out a declaration. That’s, within a cards speak game, players all reveal their hands in the showdown, and whoever has the highest hand wins the higher half from the pot and whoever has the lowest hand wins the low half.

2. The other context is as a residence rule in casino poker rooms. “Cards speak” implies that any verbal declaration as towards the content material of a player’s hand isn’t binding. If Mary says she has no pair, but in truth she includes a flush, her cards speak and her hand is viewed for its genuine worth, that of a flush. Likewise if John says he features a flush, but in actual fact he will not, his hand is judged on its actual merits, not his verbal declaration. In the discretion of management, any player miscalling his hand may well have that hand fouled, but this isn’t essential.

The “cards speak” rule will not address the awarding of a pot, player responsibilities, or the one particular player to a hand rule. It merely implies that verbal statements usually do not make a hand worth. The cards do.

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