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Casino compensations for losers

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Casino slang

The regulars casinos can sometimes use terms from Nevada casinos.

  • Low Roller means small stakes player, on the order of a few dollars.
  • High roller means high stakes player, on the order of a few thousand dollars.
  • Whale means a player with very large bets on the order of a few hundred thousand to several million dollars. Major hotels in Las Vegas, Macau and Monte Carlo are all looking for such plazers. They are the source providing statistically significant profits because they will lose some of their bets. Hotels do not hesitate to provide them with a private plane and their best suites to make them come. When a person is able to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, the rest is paid by the casino. However, not all the casinos can take the risk of attracting such players, as there exists the possibility earn very high.

Compensations for losers

In tourist brochures, you often reads that can win in Las Vegas a return air ticket if you happen to lose. This is true, but the brochures do not specify a need to register with the responsible of gaming room and ask to be assessed for compensation.

So you have to play for a few hours and your game will be evaluated to assess your ability to play and therefore to lose.

The casino wants to know how much you can spend on one hand, what is your financial standing.

From this assessment you can get compensation:

For bets of $100, you get a drink at the hotel’s restaurant,

For $2000, you are entitled to a limousine with 6 places.

To win a ticket, it’s hundreds or thousands of dollars that the person has to lose on green carpet or slot machines.

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