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Casino token

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Vegas casino chips One dollar chips from various Las Vegas casinos.

Casino tokens are little colored metal or plastic discs utilized in gambling establishments. There are two most important forms of tokens employed in casinos: multicolor tokens of numerous denominations known as chips, utilized mostly in table games; and metal token coins, utilized mainly in slot machines. Some casinos also use gaming plaques for higher stakes table games ($25,000 and above). Plaques differ from chips in that they’re bigger, commonly rectangular in shape and include serial numbers. Get your own set of custom poker chips, and make every game your own.

Cash is exchanged for the token coins or chips within a casino at a cashier station (the cage), in the gaming tables, or at a slot machine. The tokens are interchangeable with funds in the casino, but have no worth outdoors on the establishment.

These tokens are employed for many motives. They’re far more handy to utilize than currency, as well as make theft and counterfeiting additional tough. Due to the uniform size and regularity of stacks of chips, they’re less difficult to count in comparison with paper currency when employed on a table. This attribute also enables the pit boss or safety to swiftly confirm the quantity getting paid, minimizing the opportunity that a dealer may well be overpaying a consumer.

Moreover, it is actually observed that buyers gamble far more freely with replacement currencies than with money.

Ultimately, the chips are deemed to become an integral a part of the casino atmosphere, and replacing them with some alternate currency could be unpopular. Having said that, a lot of casinos are moving to paper receipts.

Casino tokens are collected as a a part of numismatics, additional especially as specialized exonumia collecting.

Set of Poker Chips in Case A set of injection molded ABS poker chips “hot-stamped” with denominations 100, 50, 25 & 10

Chip values

Chips in the identical denomination from unique casinos have a tendency to possess comparable colors. This increases familiarity with denominations.

Essentially the most prevalent colour scheme applied in US casinos:

  • $1.00: White (uncommon: blue, grey)
  • $2.50: Pink
  • $5.00: Red
  • $25.00: Green
  • $100.00: Black
  • $500.00: Purple
  • $1000.00: Orange (frequently oversized)


Official Chip Colors
Denomination Color Exceptions
$1 White Unusual in Nevada; may be blue or gray or white.
$2.50 Pink Blue (MO); North Dakota prescribes pink for $2 chips
$5 Red  
$25 Green  
$100 Black  
$500 Purple  
$1,000 Orange Oversized; usually yellow in Nevada

Poker chips A standard 300 piece set of ABS plastic chips


Soon after the raise within the worth of silver stopped the circulation of silver dollar coins about 1964, casinos rushed to locate a substitute, as most slot machines at that time employed that unique coin. The Nevada Gaming Handle Board consulted using the US Treasury, and casinos had been quickly permitted to begin utilizing their very own tokens to operate their slot machines. The Franklin Mint was the primary minter of tokens at that time.

In numerous jurisdictions, casinos usually are not permitted to make use of currency in slot machines, necessitating tokens for smaller sized denominations.
Tokens are becoming phased out of lots of casinos in favor of coinless machines which accept banknotes and print receipts for payout. (These receipts also can be inserted in to the machines.)


In particular casinos, which include the new Wynn Casino in Las Vegas, chips are embedded with RFID tags to assist casinos maintain greater track of them, figure out gamblers’ typical bet sizes, and to create them tougher for counterfeiters to reproduce. On the other hand, this method is expensive and deemed by numerous to become unnecessary. Also, this technologies offers minimal advantages in games with layouts that usually do not offer gamblers with their very own designated betting regions, for example craps.

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