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3D-Simple_Short_Sad_StoriesThese stories “betray” the efforts of a man who retires from the agora of a social and political tormented city, in an area that allows him beneficial bending on artistic ideal. The stories are captured by a steady hand of the writer. Thematically, they are under the sign of betrayed Eros, the repeated deification and de-deification of women, alike source of happiness and unhappiness, as artistic achievement, focusing on parables. Each text focuses on universally valid statements and meanings. The man in love is a warrior, a gladiator, so in front of a crowd thirsty of his flawless rhetoric and in front of a raging bull, which he sacrificed in honor of a superficial loved (“The Untamed Bull”). The texts “break” suddenly from a steep ordinary, and the lack of chronotope is intentional. The meanings joint to the fundamental questions of human existence, wearing glees and falls related to love, friendship, lost ideals, betrayal, compromises, etc. The Man from the stories of Marius Cilibia lives by the Word, for the Word. The grace of the storyteller is a blazon of nobility appreciated as such, so the fact that the patron of a brothel located in the Market Square is jealous and haggle people to cut his tongue can not stop people to gather and to acclaim him. “The Mute Narrator” homonymous story find a ingenious ways to talk without words. He resorts to pantomime pantomime (helped by the words of a child) and people understand. His arms are cut, the child that “translated” the narrator speaks is killed, but the narrator continues to speak by eye gestures, with the whole being. For his being is the very incarnation of the divine Word.
 “Modern Fables” as it was subtitled by author himself, reconstructs, in an original and successful way, the questions, betrayal, suffering and hopes of modern man, in turn prisoner of “The Forgotten Moment” and “The Wax Idol”, being in turn “The Careless Man” and the “mercenary” tamed by the face of a “Slavic deity.” Misshapen body or with the splendor young body, this man do not betray his condition.  Whether the ballerina or a modest housemaid, he is a winner.

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  1. Maria

    Really sad, but beautiful!

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