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Threadifye-Commerce, electronic commerce or online sales, means the exchange of goods, services and information between computer networks, including the Internet.

Electronic commerce is not limited only to Internet. In the context of inter-firm trade for many years are used networks. Electronic transactions also carry on mobile phone networks, where we’re talking about m-commerce (mobile commerce).

In a context of strong environmental constraints, the development of distance selling tends to transform the problems of logistics.

It can be distinguished different types of relationships in e-commerce:

  • electronic exchange between private companies and the government, often called B2G, acronym of business to government ;
  • electronic commerce between businesses, often called B2B, business to business acronym ;
  • electronic exchange between a company and its employees, often called intranet or B2E, acronym for business to employee ;
  • electronic commerce for individuals or B2C, the acronym of business to consumer; these are websites merchants ;
  • electronic commerce between individuals, or C2C, the acronym of consumer- to-consumer; these websites allow the sale between individuals.

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