Karl Popper
Karl Popper’s demarcation problem

Karl Popper, as a critical rationalist, was an opponent of all forms of skepticism, conventionalism and relativism in science. A major argument of Popper is Hume’s critique of induction, arguing that induction should never be used in science. But he … Read More

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Classical theory of singularities

The singularities from the general relativity resulting by solving Einstein’s equations were and still are the subject of many scientific debates: Are there singularities in spacetime, or not? Big Bang was an initial singularity? If singularities exist, what is their … Read More

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Hooke - Elliptical orbit
Hooke’s claim on the law of gravity

Based on Galileo’s experiments, Newton develops the theory of gravity in his first book Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica (“Principia“) of 1686. Immediately after, Robert Hooke accused Newton of plagiarism, claiming that he unduly assumed his “notion” of “the rule of … Read More

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Andrei Tarkovsky
Stanislaw Lem vs. Andrei Tarkovsky

Tarkovsky recognizes these differences, saying that there is a contradiction with Lem’s initial idea, because he was interested in the problems of inner life, spiritual problems, so to speak, and Lem was interested in the collision between man and Cosmos. … Read More

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Navă spațială propulsată ipotetic cu inducție în gaură de vierme
Time Travel

Time travel is a recognized concept in philosophy and science, but whose scope is highly disputed, giving rise to numerous paradoxes in both philosophy and science. Time travel is considered by some accepted both in general relativity and quantum mechanics, … Read More

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Logo-ul celei de-a doua Conferințe Eugenice Internaționale, 1921

The main concern of the first eugenists, such as Karl Pearson and Walter Weldon of University College London , were the perceived intelligence factors considered to be correlated with the social class. In his speech “Darwinism, Medical Progress and Eugenics”, … Read More

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