William Blake, Europe a Prophecy
About God in Newton’s correspondence with Richard Bentley and Queries in Opticks

In Newton’s correspondence with Richard Bentley, Newton rejected the possibility of remote action, even though he accepted it in the Principia. Practically, Newton’s natural philosophy is indissolubly linked to his conception of God. The knowledge of God seems to be … Read More

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The new (liberal) eugenics

Despite the Nazi horrors, in 1953 the new eugenics was founded, when Watson and Crick postulated the double helix of DNA as the basis of chemical heredity. In 1961, scientists have deciphered the genetic code of DNA, laying the groundwork … Read More

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An Epistemic Evolution of Intelligence

The perception of intelligence as power has intensified during the Second World War, when several intelligence agencies has been formalized and significantly increased. In all countries, new agencies and departments have been set up to deal with threats. Government publications … Read More

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Gaură de vierme
Paradoxes of causal loops in spacetime

There is, among some scientists and philosophers, the idea that any theory that would allow the time travel would introduce causal issues. These types of temporal paradoxes can be avoided by the Novikov self-consistency principle or by a variation in … Read More

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Andrei Tarkovsky
Stanislaw Lem vs. Andrei Tarkovsky

Tarkovsky recognizes these differences, saying that there is a contradiction with Lem’s initial idea, because he was interested in the problems of inner life, spiritual problems, so to speak, and Lem was interested in the collision between man and Cosmos. … Read More

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Logo-ul celei de-a doua Conferințe Eugenice Internaționale, 1921

The main concern of the first eugenists, such as Karl Pearson and Walter Weldon of University College London , were the perceived intelligence factors considered to be correlated with the social class. In his speech “Darwinism, Medical Progress and Eugenics”, … Read More

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