Editing and publishing books online

  • Scanning, editing, formatting, publishing and promoting books and e-books
  • Converting print books and manuscripts in all major specific eBook formats, and support in their sale
  • Distributing e-books in the largest online stores: Amazon, Apple, Sony, Barnes & Noble, etc.
  • Promoting books through online marketing, reviews, press release, news, etc.

You wrote a book. Very nice. But you did not write it to keep it for you. You need to publish it. The problem is that publishers charge high prices for some of the authors pockets, and this objectively, due to the high cost of printing.

Fortunately, there is an alternative solution, much cheaper and more effective in selling your book: online books, digital and print editions!


Professional and personalized editing

Digital editing belongs to the modern era of electronic publishing, word processing being digital native, but not designed specifically for use on the network. Digital editing illustrates one of the key issues of electronic publications, namely the availability of a text.


Publishing in the largest online bookstore in the world

The book will be distributed in the largest stores in the world, both online and traditional. Online retailers include major players in the market of printed books and e-books such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks (Apple) and Kobo, and specialized sites such as Scribd, Page Foundry, Baker & Taylor Blio, txtr, Library Direct, Baker-Taylor Axis360, OverDrive, FlipKart, Lulu, Smashwords or Oyster.


Promotion through online marketing campaigns

Digital marketing is the heart of modern marketing plan, part of a successful campaign or marketing strategy. Online marketing provides measurable and tangible results, and it is designed to meet the needs of today’s consumers. We provide custom web solutions designed for your business and marketing objectives.


Editing and Publishing e-Books

Online Books

Sell directly through our online store, from your author’s account. Online promotion and advertising costs are supported by us.

Top Books

Submit the book in the section of top online books, with links to buy to all major online storeswhere the book was published.

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