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Fixed-odds gambling – Decimal odds


Most used in continental Europe and Canada, decimal odds are different from fractional odds, because they quote the quantity which will be paid out towards the bettor, multiplied by and together with his stake.

Consequently, the decimal odds of an outcome are equivalent with the decimal worth from the fractional odds, plus 1, as well as even odds could be quoted as two.

The 4/1 fractional odds discussed in the previous article could be quoted as five, whilst the 1/4 odds could be quoted as 1.25.

This really is regarded as to become perfect for parlay betting, simply because the odds to become paid out are merely the item from the odds for every outcome wagered on.

Decimal odds are also favoured by betting exchanges, simply because they’re the easiest to function with for trading.

Decimal odds are also referred to as European odds, or continental odds within the UK.

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