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Hard winter in Romania

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I wanted to have a house, and now I have it. But it seems that a house is not the same thing with an apartment. Previous (and first) winter living in the house was easier, I saw no snow all the season. But now, I have to clean tons of snow to make passages within the yard and on the street, and to feed permanently the boiler station with woods. But it is like in a fairy tale. And silence everywhere. A white and soft snow like in my childhood.

Unfortunately, the snow caused big problems here in Romania, these days. Five national roads are blocked and many cars had to be abandoned on the roads. As far as I heard from TV, two people died because of the snow. Almost all the airports and the Danube and Black Sea ports are closed.

As every year, the authorities are surprised that it snows during the winter, and are not prepared to clear the roads of snow.





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