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How is working LinkedIn

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  • LinkedIn works on the principle of the connection (to get in touch with a professional, you have to know him before, or intermediate by one of the common connection) and networking (setting professional relationship). Thus, there are three levels of connections:
    • the first degree, or the direct contacts
    • the second degree, or the contacts of the first degree contacts
    • the third degree, or the contacts of the second degree contacts.
  • LinkedIn can be used for everything related to working life, find work, employers, providers, business development, etc.
  • The use of the LinkedIn network with a large number of members is quite small. However, data from LinkedIn shows that time increases with the time of subscription. In other words, the more you use LinkedIn, and more it will be used.
  • LinkedIn today is an effective way to build, develop and enrich social capital. It aims to create a relationship of trust between professionals, students and businesses, so that everyone can mobilize these online resources to acquire or develop new ideas, obtain employment opportunities, benefit from expert communities that exist on the network, make crowdsourcing (mainly for companies), etc.
  • However, it is up to individuals to construct their virtual identity online and manage their online reputation at will.


LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn Answers allows, like Yahoo! Answers, ask questions to the professional community. Unlike Yahoo, LinkedIn service is a center of expertise-oriented professionals. Those who answer the questions are clearly identified.

For example, Barack Obama used the LinkedIn Answers application during the American election campaign to require users of the network what to do for American SMEs.


Groups are think tanks and trade professionals who come together by interests to share expertise, ideas, feedback. In November 2008, the search engine has been enhanced to allow searching special skills within a group. A directory of groups was also created.

Advanced features

LinkedIn launched in November 2008 a multilingual feature that allows members to translate their profile in over 40 languages. In addition, the network launched the InApps platform (for Intelligent Applications) with eight partners:

  • WordPress and Link Blog (TypePad, Movable Type, Vox, Blogger, LiveJournal, etc.) to integrate blog tickets,
  • Box.net and Google Docs to share files,
  • Amazon Reading List to add its own playlist,
  • Google Presentation and SlideShare to share presentations.

Among the available applications, there are also:

  • CompanyBuzz with Twitter to measure the buzz generated by a company
  • TripIt to share professional travel schedules with your network

Other services

Like other social web services such as MySpace, Facebook, or Plaxo, and facing the growth of the mobile web, Linkedin launched in February 2008 the mobile version LinkedIn Mobile in six languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish). There is also a Firefox plugin (The LinkedIn Companion) and LinkedIn app for iPhone and Android.

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