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Implementation of e-commerce

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Technical specifications

Technical specifications were adopted for electronic commerce with ebXML, short for Electronic Business using eXtensible Markup Language. These specifications are based on the XML markup language. This standard is published by OASIS.

ebXML has become an international technical specification (ISO/TS 15000) in 2004. The UN supports ebXML with the organization UN/CEFACT, which imposed this requirement in the European Union.

Managing e-commerce

The management consists of a full support for the development and management of e-commerce of a mark or a sign in the form of a multi-year partnership with the constant concern to respect the image and the brand.

Within this, a partner operator offers global expertise in each area of e-commerce that each brand could afford alone (creation of the e-shop, e-merchandising, e-marketing, logistics, customer service, payment service, back office management, etc.).

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