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Increase the exposure

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Increase the exposure

Many companies promote the URL of their websites into special sections of daily newspapers, publications of business and commercial environments, etc. There are a very large category of such advertisers, from small consultants to large car manufacturers companies. Even TV ads contain web addresses. Almost every movie from Hollyood has a website full of games and press materials. Studios give a typical advertisement for the film but it ends with the URL. Companies like MCI, Toyota and IBM lists their web addresses on the advertisements on TV. First you have to talk to the department or an agency to include the URL on all listings on every media, or to buy advertising in a publication that reaches the target audience.

Print the URL on all marketing communication materials

the companies print web address on promotional marketing materials and other things that remain unchanged or have a reduced relativity. Address is printed on press releases, brochures, ads, letterhead, envelopes and cards or small items like pens, or mice. It’s all about creativity and experience of the designer or graphic artist who performs the process.

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