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Irish poker

Irish poker

Irish is a poker variant.


In this variant, 4 hole cards are dealt to each player, which form the starting hand.

The only difference is that after the flop, each player discards 2 cards in his hand and the game ends like Texas hold’em.

The best 5 card hand wins the hand.

It is usually played in pot limit.

How to play

  • The dealer deals the cards one by one starting with the player to his left, which put the small blind and his left big blind. Follows a first round of betting.
  • The flop is unveiled, follows a second round of betting after which the remaining players folds 2 of their cards, so there are now only two hole cards.
  • The dealer reveals the turn, and it follows a third betting round.
  • The dealer reveals the river; then a final round of betting and the remaining players show their cards to see who won.

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