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Laws in science

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This is a list of physical laws discovered by science.

  • Boyle’s Law (pressure and volume of ideal gas)

  • Charles & Gay-Lussac (gases expand equally with the same change of temperature)

  • Dulong-Petit law (specific heat capacity at constant volume)


  • Einstein
    • Relativity E = mc2 (Energy = mass × speed of light2)

  • Laws of Kepler (planetary motion)

  • Beer-Lambert (light absorption)

  • Newton

    • Newton’s laws of motion (inertia, F = ma, action and reaction)

    • Law of heat conduction

    • General law of gravitation (universal gravitation force)


  • Coulomb’s law


  • Ohm’s Law


  • Kirchhoff’s Laws (current and voltage laws)

  • Maxwell’s equations (electric and magnetic fields: in vacuum Del·E = 0, Del·B = 0, Del×E = -∂B/∂t, Del×B = c-2E/∂t)

  • Poiseuille’s law (voluminal laminar stationary flow of incompressible uniform viscous liquid through a cylindrical tube with the constant circular cross-section)


  • Radiation laws

    • Planck’s Law of Radiation (spectral density in a radiation of a blackbody)

    • Wien’s law (wavelength of the peak of the emission of a blackbody) λ0T = kw

    • Stefan-Boltzmann law (total radiation from a blackbody)


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