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Local indexing is a web optimization technique which appeared towards the end of 2009.

This technique is to create a business listing on the map section of search engines or take advantage of one-box Maps.


Local indexing offers many benefits for small businesses that have neither the budget nor expertise and wish to be present on the web.

  • Local indexing service is free on the vast majority of search engines

  • It is very easy to use and requires no expertise

  • More and more internet user make local searches

  • Local indexing does not require the obligation to have a business website.

  • Local search enables much more accurate search results as companies are classified geographically and by service category.

Although local search engines have already incorporated many companies automatically, it is essential for them to change the information on and customize to provide optimal indexing.

Since the use of mobile phones has evolved into smartphones and high-speed connections while roaming (4G, public WiFi etc.), the interest of a good local mobile indexing has become more important.

Main local indexing platforms

Google My Business

Google My Business (formerly Google Local Business Center, Google Places (2010), Google Plus Local), the Google platform for local indexing, is the best known to date. This allows millions of businesses around the world to appear on local Google results. According to the official Google blog, more than 20% of Google searches are local searches. Google My Business automatically integrated millions of local businesses on the engine, using information including business such as the Yellow Pages. Companies that use this service have the opportunity to receive a sticker to place on their door indicating their ranking on the Google Maps site.

Bing Business Portal

Bing Business Portal is an rival of Microsoft to Google My Business. This local indexing service was launched in April 2011. This local search engine service offers less visibility for Canadian companies because less than 10% of Canada are using this engine, compared to almost 30% in the United States.

Yellow Pages

The yellow pages are designed to gather a maximum of information on professionals located in a geolocation space. To register has an impact on the local indexing.


Foursquare is a social network, allowing managers of local companies (bakeries, restaurants, factories, offices …) to share with their consumers.

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