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The Lone Wolf

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He was born into a pack that ruled the forest of beech and oak trees that stretched over three hills separated by valleys full of thickets, they had to be, for a long time, his only universe. His childhood was tough, she-wolf that had given him life died after a month of his birth and his brothers, ending the horns of a giant stag that pack cornered him and attacked him. Stag was old, pack wolves believed it would be an easy target, but the huge stag find resources to fight for the thread of life that permeated the veins longer and made havoc of the pack. Four wolves, including wolf that had been born him, lay dead in the thin snow, spilled guts and eyes glassy, two other licks, aside, wounds, and fangs feared the fellow who, like them, love any meat and the taste of any kind of blood: including the wolf …

So he was left at the mercy of others, whether winter would be hard he would have ended the largest wolf fangs, so it was with his brothers. He, however, still whelp was knocked fiercely for his life, earning the respect and fear of others.

It was unusual ferocity … After three years, reached the age of full maturity, began to woo the most beautiful wolf in the pack, a young female, with warm eyes and seemed to be her master during mating . But when the time comes, the big, gray and old wolf, the head of the pack, was claiming his right to mate he’s chosen. The fight was wild and she-wolf which they beat looked scared the confrontation between the two males. He was wounded, a gruesome wound on withers, and lost the fight. The old wolf with one eye drained from orbit, left to love the fresh conquest and fill her womb with future wolf cubs as wild as he. The beat started to console a younger wolf, milder and obsequious, but, poisoned by failure, he broke her neck and free a roar of independence, breaking the pack, to the astonishment to all other: they knew no wolf to go, to choose to live alone, without the strength of the pack, except the old and sick wolves who had not long to live, and that were driven out by the other, in order to not be a burden.

He lay three days and nights , at the edge of a fountain, until the wound began to heal, then goes much beyond the line of the hills and acquaintances the cool of the mountain foothills. He was fed with small rodents, some squirrels, and even a few large rabbit, which broke her back with one blow of paw.

Seasons passed one after another, his roar terrified forest creatures, because they learned that there had found shelter a powerful beast that kills without mercy, as if he didn’t have heart. When came the time of mating, he descended down in the territory of the packs together and mate with females he liked, the males of packs fleeing, because he became fearful including for those of same breed.

No longer stick any pack, living lonely and cruel, as a punishment for the forests that he roam. No creature knew where he lair, because he made no steadfast lair. When weary, he was sleeping in any old larch, adding thin leaves under it and putting his head on his own memories. Then tears flowed from his cold eyes…

(Translated from aMorale, by Marius Cilibia)

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