Internet marketing, advertising, online promotion

  • Internet marketing for search engines, social networks (Facebook) and mobile marketing
  • Indexation in Google, Yahoo and Bing, search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Local Marketing, including Google Maps
  • Online advertising through websites and blogs, search engines, and PPC (AdWords)
  • Viral marketing, branding, reputation management
  • Content marketing, articles optimized for the customer’s business, on blog and website
  • Developing a specific efficient strategy for maximizing conversion

Will you make the most of the possibilities offered by the Internet for your business?

For this you need online marketing with its restricted version of Internet marketing. Internet, as a marketing medium, is now before television, radio and print media in the businessmen preferences to promote and develop their business, image and their organizations.
Online marketing has proved to be far more targeted to attract new customers and loyalize the existing ones. Since your competitors are already profiting from this advantage, do not you think it would be appropriate to do the same?


Search Engine Marketing, including SEO

It is time for a quantum leap of your business, from local to global! MultiMedia optimization techniques for search engines and our marketing campaigns for the social networks drive you traffic, improve company image and brand, and sell your products and services through a carefully devised online strategy and tactics that delivers measurable results.


Branding, Reputation Management

It is very important what people say about you, about your products, services and your businesses. These “drops of water” form the “great” reputation of a person and a company. If you are interested in controlling your online reputation and business brand, we can help through management services tailored to your specific business intentions.


Social Media, including Facebook

The explosive development of social networks in general and Facebook in particular has quickly attracted the involvement of businessmen. When we talk about business in social networks, selling products via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, we talk of social commerce. Unlike other major social networks, Facebook has a greater ability to create connections for e-commerce.


Online Advertising, including Google AdWords

We can help your business to jump to a higher level of development. We are experts in online advertising, with a broad portfolio of satisfied clients, in areas where competition is extremely fierce. We have the experience, credibility and professionalism required to meet all your requirements, being continually concerned by the latest trends in this area.


Articles in Media, Multimedia Presentations

MultiMedia help you revolutionize your company’s marketing strategy. Through marketing content you will create your own online community, improving company’s image and creating its own brand recognition. Customers will not be bombarded with offers for purchasing in various online and offline environments; they will be convinced only by the information and advice you offer that your company is the one they most need.



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