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Movie, or film is the term used to designate, in broader sense, the final product of movie art and industry.

Movie art and industry in the current language are known as cinema. In turn the film industry is divided into two distinct areas: film production and dissemination in cinemas or television, videotapes, DVDs or downloading it from the Internet (video on demand).

A film enthusiast who frequently go to the cinema is called “cinefil” and the value of the film is established by the film critic, during the appearance of film production or the presentation at various film festivals.

Film festivals are dedicated events, where the jury of filmmakers and critics of the prestigious world cinema, following some strict criteria, awards film productions.

Art cinema

If the film is an art or an industry, was a big question to many people in the world of culture, spiritual intellectuals in general. Now where industry ends and where art begins? They sought answers, and here’s what they got.

The film is an industry because in it is invested capital to be produced, it is invested capital for his exploitation in the auditoriums, in from the beginning it were not big “air”, but in time the audience was “emancipated” claiming the “Nickel-Odeon” to become a temple, a temple of those who come to him not only for fun but also for a great show of art, a spectacle of the seventh art.

The beginnings of cinema, those moving views, made by the Lumière brothers, but open the road to documentary, then those short comedies, like spraying gardener, all made by its parents, where they didn;y need a script, a manager, were enough. But here in this fairground activity occurs Georges Méliès, who realizes that the cinema’s reliability needs creating a scenario to achieve a production of a film and the audience to look at it.

So he is the one who realizes that the fairground attraction can be an art, and not any art, but an art that can bring beautiful profitable revenue. And his film “A Trip to the Moon” (Voyage dans la lune) will demonstrate this.

Related to this film by Méliès, we can not overlook the fact that it, rather his homemade recipe of projection in the United States, is the one that leads to the first specialized rooms, cinema, in a neighborhood Los Angeles called Hollywood’s (holy wood). That green neighborhood and sun, which in a few years, even if its beauty is not given by any holy wood, will be “heaven on earth” of the new art, the seventh art. It will become the “factory of dreams”, dreams necessarily always to millions of dreamers of the dark room. The Film God incarnates and crowned this wonderful place with a predestined name “Hollywood”, place where he will begin his kingdom. It fascinated and continues to fascinate us and make us laugh or cry sometimes and why not?, but always the Film God pulled us out of everyday life at all, remounted us for tomorrow, made our life easier.

And slowly it expands its wings encompassing the globe. Profits from the new art becomes every day growing.

The conclusion is that the world of cinema, art and industry, can work together and that, which is most important, complement each other and self-sustain. It all depends on the person or persons who use them: one that invests capital to move towards a scenario supported by the public’s need and one that uses scenario for production to rise by carrying them to the same beneficiary requirement audience. It is he who in the darkness of the hall can be charmed by the movie screen light, describing it or not. It is the public who sees his dream come true, in black and white or color. It is he, the public, who ultimately judge the work and efforts of hundreds of people employed in casting the film, the writer, director, actors, which sits the film spool in the box for broadcast.

And most importantly, the film becomes more profitable by celebrities. Not only is a breakthrough of new art appeared, it knew this from Thalia. But for the cinema, the star is what brings fans into the cinema. It is the star that makes his fan not to consider a model, but an idol, an idol that makes him dream of a world that he will not achieve either of its most beautiful dreams.

The most important world feast of the film takes place each year when the Oscars are awarded, the American Film Academy, but there are also international film festivals as prestigious as the Cannes Palme d’Or Award, Venice Lion prize Gold, Silver Berlin Bear Award, and others.

On the occasion of these festivals are highlighted message of the film addressed the audience, the actors performing arts, and script writer, techniques used in speech, the director.

The “box-office” success is determined, as shown above, by the script, director, distribution, subject, evaluation of the film production by the film critics, and the last determinant is public. He is the lord, the public, who say his word by entering into the cinema to watch a movie or not. He is the one who “dictates” what he wants to see.

But it must not forget that the film, by its more or less veiled message, was and is a powerful means of influencing masses, rather a means of propaganda of the ruling class. It was used by any political class in power.

It now notes a decrease in film art because of high production costs, in favor of entertainment films, adventure, porn, SF, easy to achieve both artistic and material.

However, the two trends of making a film of “art” or “entertainment” coexist and each stated in its own way of expression.

Even the “dream factory” of Hollywood directors such as Woody Allen, Robert Altman, Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese … etc., have not forgotten that the film is an “art” and should be carried out as such.

Translated and adapted from Wikipedia

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