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New features in Google Webmaster Tools for SEO

Google helps the webmasters by introducing two new features in Google Webmaster Tools: Content analysis and Sitemap details. Some errors reported by Google are due, in fact, to problems in their crawling, but these are minor errors of the new tools.

Content analysis

It contains feedback about issues for visitors, or for the crawling and indexing of the search engines.

There are three main categories:

  • title tag issues
  • meta description issues
  • non-indexable content issues

“Duplicate title tags” displays a list of repeated page titles along with a count of how many pages contain that title. Google shows also if the title is too long or too short. Same for meta description tags.

In the “Non-indexable content issues,” Google gives you a heads-up of areas that aren’t as friendly to the more text-based crawlers.

Sitemap details

Webmaster Tools reveals now how your Sitemap was processed, and shows you the number of the pages from your Sitemap that were indexed.

The new Sitemap Details page also lists any errors or warnings that were encountered when specific pages from your Sitemap were crawled.

Google Webmaster Tools is now available in Czech and Hungarian, too.

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