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Online advertising

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Online advertising

Online advertising effectiveness depends on how you use the methods listed below. This gives you some ideas to create online advertisements with a strong message.

Establish a clear goal

Any communication process begins with setting objectives for marketing campaign. It could be:

  • Building a brand loyalty
  • Generating sales
  • Increasing traffic
  • Improving services for consumers

Ideally, over time, you have to make them all, but, first, you need to fix a set of priorities to meet the needs of the moment.

Define the advert

You must ensure that your advertising message will break through the other the same way. Keep in mind these basic principles, specific for online advertising:

  • Compose a message that is easy to see, easy to read and relevant to the target.
  • Limit text to 5-7 words. A short message is quickly understood and can attract visitors’ attention rather. Keep in mind that they are always in a hurry.
  • Use advertising to make visitors curious to visit your website. Think you can not say everything in small image. You can instead tell them as much as to attract visitors to the website to learn more. The message should be short but exciting.

Site optimization

Computer screen is not the same with a sheet of A4 paper. On the one hand display area is smaller, on the other hand take some time for the information to load completely. Web pages can be various lengths and can be followed up and down using the mouse. Website optimization plays an essential role in keeping visitors earned in the marketing campaign. Promise in the advertisement must be found in the first screen that opens after the visitor click online advertising. The entire site should be subject to rigorous analysis but in such a way as to meet the requirements below, or risk being ineffective campaign because of building site problems.

  • Keep pages simple and easy to load. Not crowded too much information and too many graphics on one page.
  • Split text in columns and short paragraphs for easy reading.
  • Use the links in the text to simplify navigation within the site and to direct visitors to the most important information.
  • Structure the content and page order; organize hierarchically the information and follow a logical thematic flow within the site.
  • Update site regularly, especially in key sections. Pay attention to the new information.
  • Choose a design that allows quick changes using small and easy to replace graphics.

Use the interactive capabilities of the Internet

Ability to use interactivity in online advertising is one of the elements that clearly differentiate this from other advertising medium (especially prints).

  • Use the printable order forms that can be sent by fax.
  • Provide alternatives to contact by telephone, email, fax.
  • Use discount coupons or other advantage to buying from the web site.
  • Organize periodic surveys to learn the preferences of visitors.
  • Test different promotional offers and advertising before using them extensively.

Internet success depends not so much on perseverance but skills and adaptability. Do your homework thoroughly and, with a little imagination, you can achieve maximum revenue with little investment, you can determine many consumers come back and develop a loyal community around the site.

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