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Online magazines / Newsletters

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Online magazines / Newsletters

It is recommended to publish an electronic magazine and/or a newsletter to remain in touch with potential clients.

It is the most effective way to bring visitors to the site regularly and gain their trust. Include valuable information in the publication by email, otherwise subscribers will not read and will remain at a purely formal level.

Advertising industry specialists have found that a typical client should see an announcement several times before acting according to the ad. By creating an own newsletter, you will have a regular audience eager to receive information from you regularly. Unlike a website, where we hope to have a high percentage of repeat visits, a periodic newsletter is delivered to potential customers.

There are many ways to advertise your online product or your web site, but the publication of a newsletter is both cheap and effective way.

What is a newsletter? An electronic publication, usually periodical, which contains various information in a particular field. Other names used in the Internet world for the newsletter are: e-zine, internet newsletter, web-zine, etc.

A newsletter is like a printed publication, but distributed by mail. The differences between the two forms of distribution show us some of the advantages of the Internet:

  • A newsletter is distributed by means of electronic mail. Not required stamps or other costs for distribution.
  • A newsletter is distributed globally. No matter what part of the globe are recipients of these publications.
  • Start publishing a newsletter can be solved in less than 20 minutes.
  • Delivery of a newsletter is virtually instantaneous.
  • There are no printing costs of publication.

All these reasons (and several other that were not listed here) will likely convince the usefulness of publishing a newsletter.

12 advices for a newsletter

Ideally your newsletter can have many functions. Here are some ideas:


Use your newsletter to inform customers about your skills and experience – but do so with discretion and tact. The main purpose of the newsletter should be providing information worthy of interest, actual, useful and practical. Everything else, such as advertising or self praise about your products or services will jeopardize publication. Therefore you must learn to intelligently promote the message in your publication.

You can do this by giving examples, samples and information about the results obtained for other clients. Your newsletter should contain 80% information and 20% or less promotion. You can also write about awards received, press articles, sponsorships, etc.. This information is newsworthy and customers will be interested to read these things.

Repetitive marketing tool

Use your newsletter as a repetitive marketing tool. Getting a client is a process consisting of several stages – and repeated the same customer promotion is vital to ensure a contract or getting more contracts. Publishing the newsletter every two months will ensure its regularity. Although many newsletters are published quarterly, direct advertising experts say that it takes five consecutive contacts to have an impact. Publication of two months is better than quarterly and the monthly is the best.


Use the newsletter to generate interest. It should contain interesting oriented problem solving, not promotional or unnecessary. You maz awake the interest in articles by:

  • solving a current problem;
  • solving a future or potential problem;
  • help the reader to achieve better results;
  • provides valuable advice;
  • help to define more clearly the problems;
  • provides case studies of successes and failures.


Newsletter must realize the connection between useful materials and the ability of achieving quality posts. How can a customer know that you can achieve them or even overcome them? Newsletter must indicate this subtly. Make sure that you link with existing skills in your company or organization. Information provided must be an extension of your experience and knowledge. Providing this information, clients will realize that sounds best to get a contract with you.

Old customers

Use your newsletter to get new contracts from old customers. Some clients may have forgotten your products or services, or simply do not know that you can help. You can inform them about this writing about how you have helped other clients and about how you solved various problems.


Through newsletter, you can build new relationships and you can improve existing ones. When a client receives the newsletter regularly, the information you provide has the potential to create a long term relationship – a key element in obtaining contracts. Each issue of the newsletter must improve awareness about your capabilities and keep alive the customers memory about your contact.

You can improve a relationship or create a new one through:

  • direct but respectful approach;
  • valuable concrete information;
  • understanding of customer needs;
  • revealing subtle willingness and ability to assist in solving problems.


Use your newsletter to maintain existing relationships. Communication is essential to maintain good relations on long tern with existing clients. Newsletter can serve as a communication channel, keeping alive the contact with your subscribers and at the same time informing them of updates occurring or about how you helped other clients.


Use your newsletter to initiate a contract or to provide references. Every time when the newsletter is of help to someone, that person will want to continue receiving or knows another person who can benefit from your services or products


Use the newsletter to generate additional contacts. Newsletter can be the first step in a complex process of marketing. Within it you can include various information about promotional offers, you include bonuses or discounts. Give an example of a product or service for free. It can be about 30 minutes of free advice, free typing of material, a bonus in addition to a printed work, etc..

Additional value

Newsletter can be used to add additional value of your services Each issue focuses on your skills and experience and based on previous issues to highlight this. Perhaps the first issue will have a big impact, but after 5-10 issues potential customers will see that you are serious in publishing the newsletter that offer quality information and you can contact to help in their problems.


Use your newsletter to position yourself as an expert in your industry. The information you provide can present as extremely competent in your industry. To do this subtly you must

  • Mention what you have done for other clients
  • Quotes well known people that support your views
  • Quote specialized publications in the field to show that you updated information
  • When a potential customer will see how active you are in your field and how deep are your knowledge, he will think to your next job and not competition.


The last part of the newsletter is to create a positive image about you and your company. You are responsible for how customers and potential customers perceive you, and you can create, modify and improve your image through bulletin information.

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