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Play craps in 5 minutes

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Casino craps is one of the most popular and simple gambling games. It is attractive because of understandable rules, his lively play and immediate gains.

Craps has a long history. The name of the game (craps) apparently comes from French, and pointed to the positions of the first dice players on the streets, like frogs. While dice games were very popular even in the Middle Ages, it seems that the game itself, now offered by most casinos in the world, appeared in France and was completed in African-American communities in New Orleans, Louisiana and other American cities. Final transformation of the game came with the introduction of casinos in the United States, where it was quickly loved by players due to extreme simplicity.

When they first get acquainted with the craps table in a casino, many players are amazed by the variety and number of available choices. It becomes unclear what each player should do and what is needed to win. When a player rolls the dice, there are 36 possible combinations taking each die separately, and the total value is between 2 and 12. However, each total has an equal chance to occur, given combinations. In early round game of dice, the player who bets has only two options. Pass Line option provides the player has bet on that one who throws the dice will get 7 or 11 on the first throw. If the bet wins, it earns the same amount wagered. If out 2, 3 or 12, the bet is lost. The second option is called Don’t Pass Line, and thereby betting on the fact that the player who throws will get a total of 2 or 3. If the total is 7 or 11 loses the bet, and if the total is 12, will be equal . Any other total will lead to a next round, which starts at that number, and the rules are more complicated. Total will become very important again further, since the player will try to give the same number again to continue playing. If the total is 7 to new roll, the player loses and another player’s turn to give the dice. At this time, it will consider the same rules as in the previous round of betting.

There are numerous strategies for the game of dice used by professional players. Although most of the best can provide more chances to win, none ensures victory every time because luck has a major role in this online casino game. The most popular strategies include choosing those bets that have greater chances of success, manipulating how the dice are thrownin craps in live casinos, betting on players who win more often, or using strategies for money management and the amounts of money wagered.

With the advent and development of online casino, craps game was adopted in this environment. While all the rules and strategies of the game of dice applies to online version, one of the features of this game can not be replicated here yet. The pleasure of keeping dice in hand and abilities of players to throw them so as to increase their chances of winning can not be found in any online casino. However, the game of online craps has become very popular due to high earnings and other attractive features.

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