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Playing in online casinos

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You can have just as much or sometimes more fun playing at internet casinos. Firstly with no travel and hotel expenses you can spend more of your money doing what you go to the casino to do, gamble and WIN! 

The best way to ensure that you are playing at high quality casinos is to use an internet guide such as this site, where each casino is tested and investigated in detail before ever appearing on our pages. We look for several features including the casinos license, the quality and fairness of the games, the customer support and the speed at which it is received, the payouts and the payment procedures. This ensures a fun and rewarding time.

There are thousands of internet casinos currently accepting real money bets online.  So if you’re looking to play casino games online, then you won’t have any trouble coming across a casino willing to take your money…but you want to make sure you’re playing at the right casino.  I believe that there are 2 broad considerations that become very relevant when selecting the right casino to play at online:

  1. The casino must be a legitimate, licensed operator with fair games, good customer support, fast payouts and a long and reputable operating history. 
    We’ve covered this consideration, with all casinos listed on this page satisfying these criteria.  We’ve played at them for a while now without incident and have been very happy with their customer support and general offering.  Most are among the industry’s pioneers and have built enviable reputations for honesty and fair play.

  2. The casino must have the right attributes to satisfy your gaming preferences – bet limits, deposit options, games offered, single or multi-play, software used etc.

Types of online casinos

An online casino is an Internet site where you can play one or more casino type games, such as blackjack, for real money. While some will let you play for free, the real reason to play is the same as Las Vegas – To win money.

Generally, online casinos are of three kinds:

  • The first kind are those that require you to download a program for free. These casinos are usually the most fun to play, but you will have the program on your hard drive. This means that you have to wait for the application to download from the Internet and then install it on your computer. Once installed, these programs typically offer great graphics, sound and animation. Several years ago, (in the computer stone age), hard drive space was much more precious than it is today. If you bought your computer within the last two years, then you shouldn’t have to worry about the download taking up too much space.

  • The second type is a casino that uses JAVA instead of a downloaded program. These JAVA applets run through your web browser. Some of these online casinos offer sound and animation, and all of them offer some pretty good graphics.

  • The third kind of online casino uses all HTML and do not require any download time. Although these Casinos do not offer the sound and animation of the other online casinos, they do have great graphics and fast gameplay.

Online Casinos Software

Internet casinos are just as fair as regular city based casinos. The casino game software that is used for gambling at the casino sites has to be submitted through the government and it’s gaming regulations board for testing. The casino games that are passed to be used at internet casino sites are as fair as playing the actual games.

The probabilities for all software games as the same as with regular casino games. Therefore, you receive the same odds for winning and losing at an internet casino site that you do inside a real casino.

Understand that internet casino sites are watched very closely and regulated. Putting up an internet casino site for the purpose of ripping people off cannot really be done without suffering the penalties of the law. Such a site cannot exist on the world wide web without being discovered by authorities.

In essence, it is safe to gamble on the internet with your money

Online Casino Advantages

  1. Most online casinos will offer sign-up bonuses to new customers, adding 10% to 100% to your initial deposit.

  2. Some of the rules are better than in land-based casinos.

  3. Some of the payout percentages are better than in land-based casinos.

  4. You don’t have to travel long distances. The casino is in your own home.

  5. You can play in your pajamas or in the nude.

  6. You don’t have to suffer land-based casino annoyances, such as bad blackjack players and inebriated individuals.

  7. You don’t have to feel obligated to tip.

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