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Poker jargon – O

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Cards that are not of the same suit. The ace of clubs and the king of spades are called ace-king offsuit
To bet first.
open ended, open ended straight draw
An outside straight draw. Also “two-way straight draw”.
The cards held by a player in a game of “jackpots” entitling him to open the pot. “Splitting openers” refers to holding onto one of your openers after discarding it to prove you had the necessary cards to open should you win the pot.
  1. An optional bet or draw, such as getting an extra card facedown for 50 cents or raising on the big blind when checked all the way around.
  2. The right to raise possessed by the big blind if there have been no raises.
out of pocket
A game which gives the players the ability to add more money to their stack in the middle of a hand.
outside straight, outside straight draw
“Two-way straight draw”.
To call a bet after others have called, esp. big bets. Jim bet, Alice called, then Ted overcalled.
  1. A community card with a higher rank than a player’s pocket pair.
  2. A higher card. Ted held two overcards to Jill’s pair with two cards to come.
In community card games such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha, a pocket pair with a higher rank than any community card.
over the top
To reraise. Ted raised $20, then Alice came over the top for $60 more.

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