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Poker jargon – T

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third man walking
A player who gets up from his seat in a cash game, after two other players are already away from the table, is referred to as the “third man walking”. In a casino with a “third man walking rule”, this player may be required to return to his seat within 10 minutes, or one rotation of the deal around the table, or else his seat in the game will be forfeited if there is a waiting list for the game.
throwing a party
A player who is playing like a fool and gambling all of their money away is said to be throwing a party.
A 3-spot card. Casino personnel refer to the 3♣ as the “trey of clubs”.
12-way straight draw
A hand in draw poker such as 6♥ 7♥ (Joker) 9♣, in which any of twelve cards (4 fives, 4 eights, 4 tens) can fill a straight.

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