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Ep_strasbourg_6Polysemic concept, the politics covers at least three meanings:

  • politics in its broadest sense, that of civility or Politikos, indicates the general framework of an organized and developed society;
  • specifically, the politics, within the meaning of Politeia, refers to the constitution and therefore relates to the structure and functioning (methodical, theoretical and practical) of a community, a society, a social group. The politics focuses on actions, balance, internal or external development of the society, its internal relations and its relationship to other sets. So the politics is mainly regarding the collective, to a sum of individuals and / or multiplicities. It is in this context that politics studies and political science are expanding in all areas of society (economics, law, sociology, and so on);
  • finally, in a much more restricted context, politics within the meaning of Politikè, or political art, refers to the practice of power, the struggles for power and representation between men and women in power, and the various political parties to which they may belong, as well as the management of the same power.

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Materials translated and adapted by Nicolae Sfetcu from the Wikipedia under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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