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Pyramid poker

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Ace of heartPyramid poker is an easier form of pai gow poker, exactly where rather than seven cards, 3 cards are dealt face down. It utilizes a common 52 card deck devoid of jokers.

The hand rankings are just like in poker except that aces are usually high.

The dealer deals the player and himself 3 cards, that is arranged into a 2 card hand and also a 1 card hand which must be smaller than the 2-card hand.

You will discover no straights or flushes in the 2-card hand, along with a greater ranked hand wins in each the hands. In an effort to win, the each the hands of your player must be greater than the dealer’s hands.

If only a single hand is greater along with the other loses, then the bet is actually a tie or push. The players loses his bet in the event the dealer wins both techniques.

All copies (equal face worth) shall visit the dealer giving the benefit to the house.

There’s also the “House Way” within this poker variant that adds a lot more variety

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