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Regulation and problems in online gambling


An online casino (also known internet casino casino or digital) is a digital casino that can be played over the Internet.

The online casino market has grown strongly since the nineties. Many people are tempted to play the high (free) bonuses that are often given at registration, along with the freedom and high autonomy that an online casino offers over a regular casino. Players may want to own at a desired time at the online casino games, since these are generally available 24 hours a day ”open”.

Playing at an online casino is banned in the United States, and yet it is only allowed Internet gambling in Europe and Asia. However, there are online casinos that allow players from the United States although this completely at your own risk. A further restriction on online casinos in the Netherlands is that they are not allowed to advertise on radio and television, although to this rule is not strictly hold.

Regulation of online gambling

The previous government (led by VVD) has indicated that the online gambling policy to apply to. Netherlands plans to limit licenses to sell and tax the companies that offer such games. Because several major operators like want to be part of the new policy, these being, the Dutch pages of the casinos put on black. This happened after the request of the new Dutch Gaming Authority. Netherlands wants Italy, Spain, Denmark and Belgium go after selling licenses.

Problems with Internet gambling

Since online casino sites not controlled by the government and all casino companies are often tax havens are like Malta and Gibraltar is a major addiction problem. There are even casino sites which are explicitly looking for the so called “High Rollers” also called “Whales”, of which often problem gamblers. Because there is no policy, such players on request only themselves to close. The upcoming regulation would be largely solved this problem.

Translated and adapted from Wikipedia

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