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Mercado de San Juan de Dios

Retail trade is the final link in the chain of distribution. It thus differs from the wholesale trade. The activity is twofold:

  • Purchase products from a supplier, a manufacturer or importer, either directly or through a wholesaler.
  • Resale of the goods individually or in small quantities to a customer in a store, shop or by mail using a catalog or website.

This type of distribution is not new: the origins of the sale by mail back almost a century … But the formula is experiencing an unprecedented revival because of the emergence of new information technologies and ICT communication.

The sale by mail is a method of sale where the buyer and seller do not meet. The entire transaction (product offer, order and payment) is done remotely.

The offering product is achieved by the provision of a written or shown on a website catalog.
The order is placed with the intervention of a remote seller (telesales) or by direct means (written order, internet … ).
The buyer is to deliver its home shopping or go get a relay near his home.

A drive is a retail store without a sales area. This type of distribution is experiencing a dramatic growth for surpassed the thousands of locations during the year 2012.

This concept is to load the shopping in the boot of the car, usually after first passing an order by an appropriate internet site.

Several options exist: The Solo Drive, backed drive, the “picking” drive store.

e-Commerce (electronic commerce or online sales) is the exchange of goods and services via computer networks, including the Internet.

The e-marketplace expression is a formula providing online web assortment supermarket and useful features for ordering and home delivery of consumer products.

A Vending Machine is a machine that provides products or services, without human intervention (self-service), due to technical automation.

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