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Schools of thought in technical translation

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Schools of thought in technical translation

According to the school of target translation, it is necessary to focus on the accuracy of the remarks at the expense of style, when necessary. In order to “get the message”, the translation will sometimes replace the cultural elements of the original text by similar examples, but better known to readers of the target culture. The most important thing is the “meaning” of the message that the author is trying to convey. The translator must first get this message so idiomatic and natural for the reader in the target language, while remaining faithful to the language, the registry and the tone used by the author of the text in the source language.

According to the school of source translation, the translator’s responsibility is to remain strictly faithful to the original form of the text. The translator will have to reproduce all the stylistic elements of the original text, using the same tone, leave intact all cultural elements and even (in extremis) compel the target language to take the form dictated by the original text. The source translator ensure firstly not to betray the vehicle used by the author, and then will try to restore the good sense of the message.

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