We have accumulated extensive experience in the translation of complex documents which deal with diverse technological areas such as:


  • Mechanical and production engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Electrical and electronic engineering
  • Aerospace technology
  • Medical technology
  • Legal
  • Financial, banking
  • Information technology
  • Marine technology
  • Environmental research
  • Military technology

In addition to the broad areas shown above, our translation experience extends across a wide spectrum of documents including:

  • Scientific and engineering documents, articles from scientific and engineering journals
  • Resource, help, and documentation files
  • Marketing, sales and advertising brochures
  • Technical standards, work methods, and technical reports
  • Patents and patent litigation documents
  • Business proposals and financial statements
  • Contracts, civil complaints, and various other legal documents
  • Textbooks, handbooks, service and repair manuals
  • Certificates (birth, marriage, school, university, education etc.)
  • Websites
  • Speeches

…and yes, we also translate documents such as personal letters, ancestral literatures, family legal documents and other requests.

In our current environment, we are constantly being confronted with new technologies for which terminologies are still developing. As a result, we spend a considerable amount of time to find the correct vocabulary by using various resources, including the Internet and subject matter experts.

Technical Documentation

  • All kinds of technical translations:
    • user and service manuals
    • catalogues
    • technical specifications
    • product information
    • supplementary materials
  • Proofreading of each text for language and content verification
  • Terminology consulted with experts and specialists in respective fields
  • Computer aided translation tools
  • DTP and prepress services
  • Preparation of ready to distribute publications/CD-ROMs


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