Experience as:

  • projects managers

  • translators

  • proofreaders

  • engineers

  • DTP specialists

  • QA specialists

  • freelance translators

Efficient communication:

  • leased Internet connection

  • e-mail server

  • FTP server

  • phones and dedicated fax line

High-end computer equipment:

  • local computer network

  • High-end computers

  • PostScript and PCL printers

  • archiving and backup system

Specialized software:

  • Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools

  • software translation tools

  • DTP and graphics software

  • WWW site design tools

Efficient project management

  • modern computer equipment

  • computer aided translation (CAT) tools

  • project management support tools

  • successfully finished projects ranging from a few hundred to over 1.000.000 words


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