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Short tips on online promotion strategy

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Two purposes can exist in an advertising campaign on the Internet:

  • to create traffic to a particular site
  • to sell a product or services

Most advertising campaigns aimed at increasing the number of visitors to a particular location. Below you will find some basic principles underlying any advertising campaign:

  • Utility is what counts. If it works, should be used. If not, be avoided. If you did something that worked, and most have advised you to try something, then they are wrong. Similarly, if you get some advice from an expert in advertising and do not get the desired result, you have to change your tactics.
  • Regular visitors are more interested in information than in extravagant. Statistics show that most people are browsing the Internet not to buy products, but to find information or to entertain.
  • Each campaign must be tracked separately. What works for one site may not work for another.
  • Advertising is not an exact science. It is difficult to tell which advertising technique will go and who will not go. You can analyze the server log file and see where your visitors are coming, but you never know exactly what caused an increase or decrease in traffic. For example, if you place an advertisement on site X and get more visitors, you can not guarantee that the same ad on the site Y will have the same effect. All you know is that the ad worked in that place at that time.
  • Do not disturb! Do not start any aspect of the hostile campaign. Remember that you do not just trying to sell your products, but at the same time you build an image. People will buy what they think is good, no matter how good he is in reality. When you start a new phase of the advertising campaign, ask yourself : “What image I create for myself and for my products?”
  • Do not be afraid to take risks or to be unconventional. This principle seems to contradict the one above. In part it’s true, but … the best minds of humanity have always thought unconventional way and achieved things that they thought proper. Can you keep a balance between these two principles?

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