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Showdown in poker

poker-handsShowdown is part of the poker games where players will compare their final hands.

This phase of the game takes place when the number of betting rounds defined by the variant of the game has been reached and there is still at least two players in game.

Order and obligation to show the hands

When a player has bet on the last betting round and another followed it, the player being followed must show his hand. If he does not, he loses. The player immediately following the first player can choose to fold and not show his cards, in which case he loses. If he shows his cards, the winning hand is determined, and the winner(s) receive(s) their winnings.

If no player has raised in the last round of betting, then the last player who revived during previous rounds must show his cards first. This rule is not always applied in all parties, particularly because it can be hard to remember who spoke last, and it is common that the person closest to the button shows his cards first .

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