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Social networks


A social network is a set of brands, such as individuals or organizations, interconnected by links created during social interactions. It is represented by a structure or a dynamic form of a social group. The analysis of social networks is based on network theory, the use of graphs, and sociological analysis. It is the field that studies social networks. Social networks can be created strategically to expand or make more efficient its own (professional, friendly, …) social network.

The term was coined bz John Arundel Barnes in 1954.

The term “social media” covers the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction (between individuals or groups of individuals), and content creation. Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein define social media as “an online applications based on the philosophy and technology of the net and allowing the creation and exchange of user-generated content group.”

Social media use collective intelligence in an online collaborative spirit. Through these means of social communication, individuals or groups of individuals who work together create web content, organize the contents, index, amend it or comment it, combined with the personal creations. Social media use many techniques, such as RSS feeds and other feeds for web syndication, blogs, wikis, photo sharing (Flickr ), video – sharing (ouTube), podcasts, social networks, collaborative bookmarking, mashups, virtual worlds, microblogs, and more.

Social networks by phone

The logic of social network, although usually applied to the world web, can be used through various communication media such as telephone. By bringing together around shared experiences, Alter -Ego was the first phone social network to emerge. After gathering around experiences as diverse as addiction, motherhood or the breakups, the project has led to other initiatives focused on the theme of Helping Family: With our Close, disability or the territory, and more specifically with the Belleville project I love Belleville.

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