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Subtitling is a technique related to audiovisual content, including pictures, consisting of text display at the bottom of the image, during the broadcast of a program, like a movie. This technique initiated by the cinema was then transposed to television, where it can affect all types of programs such as TV series, documentaries, news, etc. It now applies to all audiovisual media: DVD -Video, Internet, etc.

Subtitling or dubbing?

Subtitling is, together with dubbing (preceded it), one of two ways to translate the words of a film or audiovisual, and the inscriptions on the screen program. Subtitling is to display a translation, synchronous with the dialogue at the bottom of the screen (or sometimes, as in Japan, on the side). Cheaper than dubbing (because there are no costs associated with records, studio, actors, etc.), it is dominant or only existing in countries whose languages affect a limited public ( Dutch, Finnish, Greek, etc.).

Translated and adapted from Wikipedia under GNU Free Documentation License.

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