Legal action by EC against Germany restrictions on gambling


Press Release Free movement of services: Commission inquires into restrictions on gambling services in Germany The European Commission has decided to send to Germany an official request for information on national legislation restricting the supply of gambling services. The Commission … Read More

Gambling Media: Hillary Clinton


Betting Big on Nevada TIME To many Washington wags, the very notion evokes images of show girls arguing with croupiers about the finer points of Hillary Clinton’s healthcare policy … Clinton Wagers on Gambling AOL News Newsbloggers, VA By David … Read More

Germany will ban online gambling starting with January 1st, 2008


Germany will ban any form of Web-based gambling or brokering of games over the Internet, beginning with January 1st, 2008, including the advertising of gaming over the Internet and on television. Germany ratified an accord that preserves the country’s state … Read More

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