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The key to success in online business

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The key to success in online business

A general finding emerges from the experience of companies carrying on Net: to be successful in online advertising, this advertising must be taken into account, if not appreciated. Web population is rapidly growing every month and the rate of increase in the number of documents available is even higher, making it impossible to “discover” a page isolated. A very big help is a link to the so-called “search engines” – indexes and huge database containing millions of URLs. These indexes, becoming more and more comprehensive, have specialized categories.
 Just like websites, these indexes are divided into two categories: the free and commercial. In general, the basic rule is that the non-profit pages – and websites –  (page informational resource lists, etc.) are related to free general indexes – that uses “search bots” to automatically index largest possible number of sites. On the other hand, commercial resources – commercial enterprises websites – are generally listed in the commercial indexes that offer their services for amounts that often are not negligible.
 Another method is the rental of advertising space on a popular website – with high traffic. As television networks charge proportional to the number of viewers of a program, so the rates of a “banner” advertising – which points to the company’s website that rent advertising – depend on the traffic on the site.
 The link to such a service provides important visibility to the commercial companies, vision without which their presence on the Web would remain ineffective. Unfortunately one or more connections are by no means sufficient. Extremely important emphasis should be placed on the construction and design of advertising pages, requiring much attention, good taste and style.
 However, a cutting edge graphic design can not by itself to guarantee the success of a website. A good content associated with a good graphic design complement together, ensuring the success of a Web page.

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